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Gather your Titans in a marvelous universe

About Titans League

Titans League game is a role-playing game developed by a stand-alone developer. The game is inspired by another game called Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA) published by Playdom.

Titans League was created in the latest of the year 2015. I was working on the game before Disney shut MAA down. It was initiated on Facebook Games.

After many complications on Facebook and many bugs of the Facebook Graph API, So I decided to make Titans League be playable over Titans League's domain directly.

Gather your friends and challenge them in a marvelous universe

I've been trying to make a game that everybody loves and will never be got shutting down! So, I hope you enjoy my game =)

The Titans

The superheroes of this universe

The Store

Enhance your Titans with the store's items to defeat your enemies and heal your Titan

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